Mice and rats could be causing serious damage in or around your Egg Harbor Township home or facility and you may not even realize it! Rodents are primarily nocturnal creatures that have a tendency to inhabit areas of structures that are not visited frequently, such as storage closets, attics, and basements but will make their way to kitchens, dumpsters, and other areas that could contain potential food sources. Left un-treated, rodent infestations can result in significant damage to belongings and the structure itself. What’s more, rodents chew on electrical wires, which can lead to fire.

If you’ve found mouse droppings in the kitchen or other evidence of rodent activity in or around your property, contact Superior Pest Solutions for professional rodent control services. Serving Egg Harbor Twp, Atlantic, Cumberland, Cape May, and Gloucester counties, our locally owned and operated NJ pest control company is ready to develop and implement a superior, customized rodent control solution.

How We Get Rid Of Rodents (And Keep Them Out)

When you contact Superior Pest Solutions for help evicting unwanted and potentially dangerous rodents, you can count on our team to solve your rodent problem using tried and true methods for both the interior and exterior, including trapping, baiting, and organic products.

Rodent Control Treatment Options

We’d prefer to customize a suitable schedule based on the needs of your location without hindering your production or living conditions, but we understand this type of inconvenience can be difficult to consistently schedule or not necessary, so we also offer one-time rodent control solutions.

The Superior Process:

Step One: Rodent estimate by phone
We’ll provide you with friendly advice and an accurate estimate for rodent removal and prevention right over the phone.  Just give us a ring and have the following information ready:

  • Size of the building
  • Severity of infestation (if known)
  • Evidence of rodent activity (including location)

For more complex situations, we’ll recommend a 100% free on-site inspection prior to providing an estimate for the services.

Step Two: We’ll help you take back your property with a customized rodent control program
Now that we’ve agreed on the type of protection or control that will most benefit you by phone, we’ll come visit you for a thorough on-site inspection. We need to confirm the type of rodent or pest infestation you are dealing with or that you may be susceptible to.  After the inspection has been completed, our professionals will go over the plan of attack with you.