Superior Termite Control In Southern New Jersey

Termites are destructive insects that typically go unnoticed.  Most people don’t realize they have termites until it’s too late, and thousands of dollars in damages has occurred!  Prime time termite season in New Jersey starts in April and doesn’t end until July. But once in your home or business, termites can survive all seasons and will continue to grow their colonies. Termites are often found when people decide to do a bit of renovation in their home or business.  By moving some things around or doing some construction, you may unintentionally disturb wood devouring insects.  In New Jersey and throughout the country, Eastern subterranean termites are the largest wood destroying pests, largely because they manage to go undetected until structures start to literally collapse or cave.

If you’ve noticed mud tubes along the foundation of your structure, have discovered winged insects inside your home or business, or have uncovered termite damage, contact the termite control pros at Superior.  Servicing several counties in the southern portion of New Jersey, you can count on our team to get rid of your termite problem and to keep new termite activity from occurring.

How We Get Rid Of Termites

With over 10,000 termite treatments in New Jersey under our belt, Superior Pest Solutions can help you sort out and resolve your termite infestation, no how severe or what type of building.

The Superior Process

Step One:  Onsite termite inspection
When you reach out about a possible termite problem, we’ll dispatch a state certified inspector to evaluate your home or business.  While onsite, the inspector will thoroughly investigate your building to determine if termites are active, what conducive conditions are present, and what appropriate extermination or prevention solution is applicable to your situation.

Step Two: Termite treatment
Treatment almost always consists of Termidor®, which is a liquid termite extermination and prevention treatment.  Considered America’s #1 termite defense product, Termidor utilizes an advanced, undetectable liquid technology that termites cannot see, taste, or avoid.  Termidor does not simply eliminate just the termite workers it comes in contact with but the entire colony since it is unknowingly carried back to the colony but foraging termites.  It also creates a “Termidor Zone” that invading termites cannot penetrate.

Because the application of Termidor may require trenching or drilling, our team will contact the appropriate agencies to verify all utilities are properly located and marked out on the property prior to treatment day.

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