Mice and other rodents are a serious nuisance in Atlantic County, and they can have a devastating impact on your business. Rodents will infiltrate your business property to find food, water and shelter. They may be most active at night, but you will undoubtedly see and hear signs of their presence during business hours if you are dealing with a rodent infestation.

Rodents carry and spread disease. They leave behind unsightly droppings that can impact your employees, your clients and even your business’s ability to operate safely. Rodents also gnaw on electrical wires, and this type of damage is a leading cause of structure fires.

Whether you think that you are dealing with a rodent infestation in your business or if you have noticed tell-tale signs of their presence, our NJ pest control company is ready to help. We offer proven rodent and mouse control solutions that produce the quick results that you need.

Rodent Control Services

As your preferred exterminator, Superior Pest Solutions will tailor treatment to fit your commercial property’s unique needs. We will take a comprehensive approach through the strategic use of:

  • Organic Pest Control Sprays
  • Baiting
  • Trapping & Removal

Through these proven solutions for NJ pest control, the rodents may be caught and removed, or they may be driven out of the space. Our solutions are effective and work quickly so that the effects of your business’s rodent infestation issue are kept to a minimum.

Rodent Treatment Process:

When you contact us for commercial NJ pest control service, you can expect an experienced exterminator to arrive at your location promptly. The severity of the infestation will be determined, if possible.

Both the size of the property and the affected areas will be taken into account as the treatment strategy is tailored to meet your unique needs. We can provide a one-time treatment solution that will eliminate the presence of all rodents. 

However, after the use of mouse traps and other rodent and mouse control methods have ceased, the rodents may once again be drawn into your place of business. On-going treatment may be necessary to continue addressing the problem.

Pest Control and Infestation Prevention

As your preferred exterminator in Atlantic County, you can count on us to provide complete prevention solutions. Our prevention services are the practical way to prevent a serious infestation from developing. Our exterminators can return to your property on a scheduled basis and will use determent solutions to keep the rodents away.

Superior Pest Solutions

Whether you are dealing with an infestation in your business property today or you want to be proactive with preventive treatment, we are available to help. Call Superior Pest Solutions today to schedule commercial rodent treatment for your building.