Why Is There a Cockroach in My Home

You cannot believe what you are seeing as you stand at the entrance to your kitchen. You just turned on the light and smack dab in the middle of your table sits one of the largest roaches you have ever seen. It looks at you defiantly before slowly crawling down the table cloth, dropping to the floor and ambling under your refrigerator. 

You should not be too shocked. Roaches are probably the most adaptable creatures on the planet. It does not matter how clean you keep your home because these pests gain entry to nearly any dwelling. If you see one, there is most likely more to be found. Read the tips below to keep roaches away.

Batten Down the Hatches

Roaches can get into a home from existing cracks in walls, old vents, or through your home’s pipes if they are cracked. Seal any cracks you see and check or replace the lower weather stripping on any doors. Call a plumber to take care of any broken pipes. Double-check window screens for tears. 

Come Out Wherever You Are

Move large appliances out of the way and check for roach droppings and eggs. Roaches love dark, warm areas to lay around until nighttime. Check all cabinets for signs of roaches. Stop at a store and pick up some roach traps or insecticide, or consult with an expert to stop these pests dead in their tracks.

Time for a Deep Clean

Roaches are in your home for one main reason – to eat. Perform a thorough cleaning of the affected areas to make sure there are no crumbs around or food left out. Never leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. Check the seals on appliances like your refrigerator to make sure they cannot get inside. Clean your floors and appliances regularly. If the bugs cannot get to a food source, they will vacate your home quickly. 

Superior Pest Solutions Is Here to Help

If you live in Southern New Jersey and you have a roach problem that is getting out of control, contact Superior Pest Solutions. Our team of experts at Superior knows all about removing roaches and keeping your home pest free.

We have proudly served Southern New Jersey since 1987 and have a wealth of pest control knowledge under our belts. We will help you come up with the right prevention plan to keep your pests away year-round.