How to Keep Mice out of Your Shed

Mice and a variety of other rodents are often found hiding in sheds. Mice are attracted to sheds because they are dark, often warm places that keep them out of the cold. However, keeping mice and other rodents out of your shed isn’t too difficult. Here are some ways you can keep mice out of your shed all year long. 

Seal Cracks and Holes

To keep mice out of your shed, seal up any cracks or holes immediately. You should seal any that are larger than the size of a dime because some mice are so small that they will be able to fit through extremely small openings. Check out the roof of your shed and areas around any windows. Mice often crawl up and down your shed to see if there are any openings. To seal up cracks and holes, use caulk, rubber spray or some type of insulation. 

Get Rid of Food Sources

If you have any food in your shed it will continue to attract mice and other pests, especially in the cold winter months. Pests are constantly looking for food during the winter and will find a way into your shed if they smell food. At the beginning of every season, look through your shed and clean out any food or other debris to keep mice and many other pests away from your shed and your yard in general. 

Use Rodent Repellent 

There are some great products out there that are proven to prevent mice and other rodents from entering your shed. Look into rodent repellent sprays and choose one that works best for you. Then, spray it around the perimeter of your shed and on the inside as well. Using mousetraps is also a good idea, as they will prevent mice from getting into your shed at the door. Put a few traps at the entrance of your shed and check them frequently. 

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