What to Do If Winter Rodents Have Gotten Inside Your Ocean City Home

Our Ocean City homes are our refuge, the place we go to relax and unwind. Although we have busy lives and some of that can spill over into our Ocean City homes, we enjoy having a peaceful place that is all our own. But what if that place ends up with intruders? What should we do if winter rodents have made their way inside?

Why Rodents Get Inside in Winter

Rodents, such as mice and rats, spend most of the year living happily outside. However, when winter comes, they find it much harder to have their needs met outdoors. They then switch to survival mode, looking for indoor accommodations that will help them survive the cold winter months.

Like most living creatures, rodents have three basic needs: Food, water, and shelter. Since most houses provide all three of these in abundance, they are often a preferred-winter living destination for rodents.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Rodents are shy creatures. They prefer to move around when things are quiet and people aren’t around. That’s why you might have rodents in your Ocean City home but never see them. That doesn’t mean that you won’t see signs of their presence. The following signs should alert you to the distinct possibility of a rodent infestation:

Scratching in your walls. If you hear a scratching or rustling sound inside your walls or ceiling, there’s a good chance rodents have moved in.

Droppings. Rodents leave a lot of feces behind when they move around. If you see small black droppings on your countertops or in your cupboards, you probably have a rodent running around looking for food while you sleep.

Damage to your Ocean City home. Rodents have front incisors that continually grow. They must chew all the time to keep these teeth at a manageable length. If rodents are in your Ocean City home, they’ll chew through cardboard boxes and the contents inside. They’ll nibble holes in your walls then destroy the insulation they find. They can chew through electrical wiring, which is a major fire hazard. While some of this damage might be out of your view, some of it will be noticeable.

What to Do About a Rodent Infestation

If rodents have gotten into your Ocean City home, it’s vitally important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Rodents spread disease, cause damage, and introduce parasites into your Ocean City home, so you do not want them living with you.

While setting traps may catch a rodent or two, traps are often ineffective at eliminating a rodent problem. Similarly, poisons might take care of part of your problem, but they can also cause more trouble than they’re worth.

When it comes to a rodent infestation, the most effective course of action is to call the professionals at Superior Pest Solutions. We can eliminate your rodent problem in a way that is safe for your family and Ocean City home, and we’ll also help you ensure that the problem doesn’t return.

To learn more about our rodent control services, give us a call today.