How to Tell if Bed Bugs Have Invaded Your Vineland New Jersey Home

Bed bugs tend to be a bit more common right now, but many people start to let their guard down because they think that bed bug season is over. Unfortunately, bed bugs are a year-round problem. They are often times picked up over the summer while traveling or attending summer camp. Once one or more of these pests hitchhike into your Vineland home, it will take a few weeks for them to acclimate to the new environment and grow into a full-blown infestation. Bed bugs can also be brought into your Vineland home inadvertently by guests.

Here are some typical signs of a bed bug infestation that you can look for in your Vineland home:

  • Bed bugs will leave a mark on your skin after they feed on your blood. These itchy red bites will be flat and are usually in zigzag lines, small clusters, or straight rows. These bites don’t spread disease, but they are very irritating, and scratching can lead to secondary infections. Bed bugs may even disrupt your sleep at night while they are feeding. They will usually feed on your exposed skin such as that on your upper torso, arms, and sides of your neck.
  • Look for bed bugs in your bed. They will leave behind small rusty-colored spots that come from blood and feces. You can find them near the edges or corners of your bed. You may also find their shed skins as well as they molt several times while they are maturing.
  • A strong odor can sometimes be detected that smells similar to that of a wet towel. This is due to the strong-smelling pheromones that are released by bed bugs.
  • Don’t just look in your bed! Look all around your beds, bedding, carpets, and closets. Don’t stop at the bedroom either, bed bugs can infest other rooms too. Look in furniture, end stands, curtains, outlets, and behind wall hangings.

While a small infestation might be a small nuisance, bed bug populations can get out of control quickly and become a huge problem. Bed bugs are also very hardy, withstanding very high and very low temperatures. They can get into very small crevices, and they can go quite a while without a blood meal.

It is very important to call on a professional pest control service immediately if you think, or know, you have a bed bug infestation. The professionals at Superior Solutions in Vineland, New Jersey can act quickly and effectively to assist you in stopping bed bugs in their tracks, giving you peace of mind that your Vineland home is bed bug-free. If you would like more information about our bed bug services, give us a call at Superior Solutions today!