Why Professional Termite Treatment is Worth It

Subterranean termites have been very busy this summer. Have you noticed? We’re guessing you haven’t. Why? In the summer, these insects don’t crawl on our walls and get onto our food. They don’t drive us crazy by walking across the television screen. They don’t pile up next to walls or on window sills. Those are things they do during the spring months. More specifically, those are behaviors that swarmers exhibit. During the summer, the termites that are busy are worker termites. Here are a few things you should know.

What Are Worker Termites?

Worker termites don’t have eyes that see because they live their lives in the darkness, but that doesn’t mean their eyes don’t work. They are able to detect light. And, with this ability, they avoid light at all cost. Light represents the sun and the sun can dry the skins of worker termites and kill them. So, good luck seeing a worker termite unless you dig into the ground or rip out a wall in your home or business. This type of termite doesn’t want to be seen. But, scientists who study termites don’t have to see worker termites to know that they’re busy during the summer. They understand that worker termites are more active when they are warm, and the summer months in New Jersey give these wood-destroying insects all the warmth they need to be as active as they will be all year long.

The Problem With Pests That Don’t Want To Be Seen

Since workers avoid being seen, property owners have a difficult time figuring out whether or not these insects are feeding on their structure. In fact, termites can feed on a property for years without providing a single visible sign. Over time, this can add up to a lot of damage. A professional termite treatment creates a barrier all the way around a property so that these sneaky insects can’t get in.

Superior Termite Control

The Certified Termite Control Experts at Superior Pest Solutions trust Termidor to protect property from sneaky subterranean termites. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Termidor is widely considered the #1 termite defense product in the United States.

  • The barrier that Termidor creates lasts for years.

  • Termidor is undetectable by termite workers. They can’t see, taste, or avoid it.

  • Since Termidor is undetectable, when workers come in contact with it, they share it with other termites through a rigorous grooming process and through the sharing of fluids (called trophallaxis) without realizing it.

  • Termidor is slow-acting. Worker termites don’t die immediately. They have time to share the product. But, more than this, the product has time to get all the way into the heart of the colony before workers begin to die and give warning to the queen that something is wrong.

  • When Termidor gets into the heart of a colony, it kills off reproductive females that could take the role of the queen when the queen dies. This ensures the death of the colony.

  • Termidor is always actively working to eliminate active colonies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Do you remember the days of full-service gas stations where attendants would come out, check your oil, fill your tires, and wash your windows as they filled your car with gasoline? The team here at Superior Pest Solutions are keeping the spirit of full-service alive! If you’ve discovered termites or termites are discovered during a professional inspection, our technicians are trained to not only provide treatment but to repair the damage caused by termites. You don’t have to go back and forth between a handyman and your termite-control professional. We do it all.

Termite Control You Can Trust

Don’t trust the protection of your property to just anyone. If you don’t live in our New Jersey service area, find a company like Superior Pest Solutions in your area that offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee should provide a free, one-year, re-treatment warranty that starts the moment your property has been treated for termites. And make sure the warranty offered can be renewed every year with an annual termite inspection. That’s protection you can trust.

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