Why Call Superior Solutions If You See Ants Around Your Home 

Are you noticing ants near the outside of your home? If so, there are a few things you should know about ants. First of all, the more ants you have near your home, the greater the chance you’ll have ants invading your home. So the quicker you deal with them, the better. Second, and most importantly, those ants may be black carpenter ants. If they are, they could be destroying your property. Carpenter ants are destructive pests that create galleries in wood. Let’s explore these two points a little closer. In them, you’ll find a clear picture of what you’re up against.

Pest Pressures

More ants, more chance of infestation.

Most ants are a nuisance. When they get into your home by the hundreds or thousands, they’re going to, mostly, just drive you crazy. It is no fun to walk into your kitchen and find your trash can covered in ants, or sitting down on your couch to watch a movie and sit in a blanket of ants. When ant problems appear, they can be very frustrating to deal with. But ants can be more than just a nuisance. When they get into your trash and then get into your food, they can expose your foods to harmful bacteria and make you sick.

When you have Home Pest Control service from Superior Pest Solutions, you get routine coverage around your home that works to keep ant populations from growing and stops ants before they get inside your home. This is the best way to deal with ant problems because it stops them before you get sick and before you have an unwanted encounter with them.

Carpenter Ants

Proper identification is key.

In our New Jersey service area, black carpenter ants can become a serious problem for homeowners. These ants keep a low profile and usually work under the radar to destroy property.

  • They are mostly nocturnal and don’t present themselves in the daytime. This can lead you to think that you only have a few carpenter ants on your property when there could be hundreds of thousands.
  • These ants can find many food sources outside your home. They primarily feed on aphids, scales and the honeydew these insects produce. They have much more incentive to be in your landscaping than to be in your pantry. So they can be destroying your home without giving you any warning signs by getting into your food storage areas.
  • Carpenter ant workers can travel long distances to find food sources. This may bring a single ant out of your walls to explore your common areas. But one ant doesn’t seem like much of a threat. You may squish that ant and just move on with your day, not realizing that a single carpenter ant is a big warning sign.
  • Carpenter ants don’t eat wood, they just tunnel in it. If you know this, you may think that you’ll see sawdust if you have a serious carpenter ant problem. But carpenter ants often push sawdust out into wall voids where it cannot be seen.
  • If you’ve been told that carpenter ants only eat rotting wood, you may be tempted to shrug them off when you see them. But your home can have soft, compromised wood that you don’t even know about. In fact, those carpenter ants might be warning you of a moisture problem that could lead to serious threats like black mold.

If carpenter ants are an issue for you, your Superior service technician will let you know. We employ highly trained pest-management professionals who know New Jersey’s pests. You’ll get proper identification and guidance on how to effectively arrest your infestation and safeguard your equity.

For residential ant and pest control in Vineland and the surrounding area, reach out to Superior Pest Solutions. We know New Jersey’s pests best. We’ll give you the service and protection you need to make sure those ants stay out of your home. It all begins with a free, no-obligation quote. We’ll send someone right to you to take a look at the pest pressures on your property and let you know what you’re dealing with.

When you need superior pest control you can trust Superior Pest Solutions. Contact us today for immediate assistance.


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